Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Missions; 

Adhering to our ethical values, being one of the leading institutions of the sector with our innovative, dynamic and quality service approach and creating sustainable value for our investors, business partners, employees and society.

Our Vision; 

To be a globally respected and preferred institution in the industries in which we operate and by aiming to grow together with our investors, business partners and employees by closely following technological developments.




HEX Investment Group leadership is committed to running a world-class business in a world-class manner. Our board of directors and senior executives believe that capital can and should benefit the whole society.


On this road we started as a local company in 2015, we have turned into a structure where our investors, business partners and projects are located in approximately 22 countries. In this journey, as HEX Group, we have learned a lot and used everything we learned to improve ourselves, we continue to use it, and we will continue.


The global presence maintained by Hex Investment Group is the key to the success of our investors and projects, giving us sharp information about regions and markets, and enabling us to make a worldwide difference.


The HEX Investment Group employees, portfolio managers, management, and the fact that all our employees from the top to the lowest have different calibers and that they can reveal these differences as positive values ​​differentiates the HEX group. Our culture of access and inclusion has built our heritage and helped strengthen our business and add value to our investors by shaping our future.


Our company's commitment to sustainability guides our operations, management, risk management, diversity efforts, philanthropy and research, and all similar elements.

Making Commitments

Being able to fulfill the commitments made in HEX Investment Group is a fundamental value. It is a central part of our culture globally. We live and achieve this commitment by engaging with long-term partnerships, community-based service, and our best asset, HEX Group Investment employees.