About Us

HEX Investment Group; It is an investment company that evaluates the savings of all our individual and corporate stakeholders around the world by investing in areas that will provide high and safe returns, and provides a sustainable and safe investment environment to our investors and manages this on a global scale.

we have successfully implemented many prestigious projects since we started our activities in 2015 and gained a pioneering identity in the sector.

We have investments especially in the real estate sector with our company named CSB (CraftsmanStrongBuilder) on a global scale and in the health industry with our investments on dental health with our company named Toothfixer.

Adding value to the sectors we invest in and the people and institutions we cooperate with is among our core values.

We have endeavored to establish long-term relationships with people and institutions with whom we have been cooperating since the day we were established, and we have achieved this as well.

Our goal is to continue making profitable and sustainable investments for all our stakeholders.

  • 2015


    Establishment of the company, the vision, mission and basic values are determined and the work starts.

  • 2016

    Investments in the real estate and construction industries

    Making investments on a local basis. Establishing a CSB organizational infrastructure. With this organization, investments start in real estate and construction industries.

  • 2017

    Investments in healthcare industries

    As of the relevant year, our investments in the health sector have started. In this context, Antalya, the opening of our clinic is named TOOTHFIXER made in Turkey and began to serve. As of today, our clinic has customers from many countries. And in this context, it continues to serve internationally.

  • 2018 ∞

    Initiating international investments.

    Since 2018, investments have been started in the international health and construction sectors.


    As of today, we have completed and ongoing projects in many countries.


    Our goal is to become more known and respected in the industries we serve, by increasing these investments in the future.


    All our work continues in line with this basic purpose.


    Until today, we have achieved our goals and provided contribution and satisfaction to all our stakeholders. We are sure that we will do this as long as our company operates.