What Are We Doing?

As HEX Investment Group; We evaluate the savings of all our individual and corporate stakeholders around the world by cooperating with our company by investing in areas that will provide high and safe returns.

We currently have investments in real estate with our company CSB (Craftsman Strong Builder) and in the health industry with our company Toothfixer.

With the growth of our investor portfolio, the scale of our investments we have made is growing day by day.

We have successfully completed many projects so far and have provided significant returns to all our stakeholders from these investments.

Our Current Services;

Real estate investment service
Property Management Service
Construction Investment Service
Health Management Service

Since the first day we started our activities, honesty, perfectionism, team spirit, innovation, ownership, stability and entrepreneurship have been among our most important values.

We have always prioritized and adopted the principle of transparency towards our customers, business partners and employees.

In the investments we have made, we have accepted progress as a working principle by following the new technologies as soon as possible, with the most ideal budget.

With the reputation, experience, knowledge and know-how we have gained over time, we are stronger towards the future and we have started to sign more successful projects and works.

We have adopted the basic principle of constantly informing our investors and making decisions with them.

We always prioritized the guidance and recommendations of our investors and tried to evaluate all the recommendations. We informed our investors about the results.

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