As Hex investment group, we have been making investments on a global scale since 2015.

Center Antalya, Turkey Our company’s management and sales office is located in Istanbul, in Turkey.

As of today, we have investments in construction, real estate, property management and healthcare.

Our main focus in our investments is to obtain benefits together with all our stakeholders and to offer value-added projects to the countries and citizens we serve.

Adding value to the sectors we invest in and the people and institutions we cooperate with is among our core values.

We have endeavored to establish long-term relationships with people and institutions with whom we have been cooperating since the day we were established, and we have achieved this as well.

Our goal is to continue making profitable and sustainable investments for all our stakeholders.

We carry out our investments through two of our sub-companies.

Our investments in real estate, construction and property management;

CSB (Craftsman Strong Builder),

Our investments in the field of health


We run through our company named

It is our most important desire to continue to successfully manage the investments of the people and institutions we cooperate with and to create added value for our stakeholders by always investing in the future.