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Qualified Team

Committed to running a first class business in a first class manner. Our board of directors and senior executives believe that capital can and should benefit the whole society.


On this road we started as a local company in 2015, we have turned into a structure where our investors, business partners and projects are located in approximately 22 countries as of today. In this journey, as HEX Group, we have learned a lot and used everything we learned to improve ourselves, we continue to use it, and we will continue.


Our company's commitment to sustainability guides our activities, management, risk management, diversity efforts, philanthropy and research, and all similar elements.

Fulfilling commitments

Being able to fulfill the commitments made in HEX Investment Group is a fundamental value. It is a central part of our culture globally. We live and achieve this commitment by engaging with long-term partnerships, community-based service, and our best asset, HEX Group Investment employees.

We sell and manage real estates all over the world that are purchased with our equity capital and that we own only.

As HEX investment group, we have investments and properties in real estate projects in many regions around the world.

 It is our service for designing and constructing the plots around the world purchased with our equity capital and which we only own, and then presenting them to the discretion of individual and institutional investors on a global scale.

It is our service for the re-evaluation of properties acquired with our equity capital, which we are the owner of only, by renting and / or selling them after their sales to individual and corporate investors on a global scale.

We also have investments in the health sector. We offer these services to our investors with special advantages.

You can access the services we currently offer in the field of health at

Our investors registered to HEX Investment Group can benefit from all these services with special discounts and opportunities.

What do we have?

Dozens of successful projects
Qualified staff structure
Awards won in many branches
Thousands of satisfied customers

Completed and ongoing projects

As of today, we have investments in construction, real estate, property management and healthcare.

Our main focus in our investments is to benefit from all our stakeholders and to offer value-added projects to the countries and citizens we serve.

Adding value to the sectors we are investing in and the people and institutions we cooperate with is among our core values.

We have endeavored to establish long-term relationships with the people and institutions we have been cooperating with since the day we were founded and we have achieved this.

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